ATTENTION PARENTS: Please send your child's biography to Cameron Hurst at his email: for the program for "An Incredible Journey." Please send the following information: 


Thank you!

 Guilder camp is coming very fast! Next week, the Guilders' will begin their intensive week to prepare for our summer season, mainly our Notes to Heaven show which will be performed on Saturday, July 21, as well as the performance in late August at Hershey Park and our yearly County Fair Show. Due to those arriving late Sunday night from the Tiffany Wakelely Academy of Dance's trip to New York City, Monday, July 16th will be from 6 to 8 PM in the theater. The ret of the week will be as follows. 

Tuesday, July 17th 9:30AM-4PM (Bring lunches!)
Wednesday, July 18th 9:30AM-4PM (Bring lunches!)
Thursday, July 19th 9:30AM-4PM (Bring lunches!)
Friday, July 20th 9:30AM-4PM (Bring lunches)

Dates to remember: 
July 21st, 2012 2:00 and 7:00- Notes to Heaven

The Junior Guilders will present "Notes to Heaven" Saturday, July 21, at 2 and 7 p.m. at Lucille Ball Little Theatre.

Attendees can share laughter and tears from the hearts of the Junior Guilders as they send their thoughts to Heaven in words and song.

Guest performers include Children Sing. Tickets for adults are $5, and tickets for students are $3.

They can be purchased from a Junior Guilder member or at the door.

Proceeds will go toward costumes and sound equipment.

1. The Junior Guilders will be performing at the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena as apart of "Excellence on Ice" on April 28th. Costume notices TBD. 

2. The Guilders will also be performing at Hershey Park this summer, the weekend of August 24th. Parents! Please be sure to bring back the slips needed if you want to go to "Sights and Sound" with us! Helen needs those slips by Tuesday. 
  The Lucille Ball Little Theater will be hosting auditions for their show to be performed in May, The Sound of Music, on Sunday, February 26.  An exalted ex-military man in Austria takes on a new governess, Maria - a nun too free-spirited for any convent, to look after his over-disciplined children. The rebellious children first reject Maria then learn to love her free spirited nature because Maria was able to introduce art and freedom to the youth-deprived children and eventually their father as well. Captain Von Trapp does not agree with Austria's position in the war, and he and his family must flee from the Nazis who want to tear his family, newly invigorated with love and joy thanks to Maria, apart.
  Children's auditions will take place at 1:00. The children's cast list goes as follows:Liesl-16 years old
Friedrich-14 years old
Louisa-13 years old
Kurt, 10 years old
Brigitta, 9 years old
Marta, 7 years old
Gretl, the youngest (5-6 years old?)
You are NOT required to come to this.
If you would like to come but are not able to make it, please contact Helen Merrill at 716-665-5750 
 To all Guilder parents! Welcome! This is where you can check up information for Guilders. Here there will be, Costume updates, Show updates etc. If you need something to be put on here please contact me ASAP. Thank you

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